Introducing the Daevl.SK9 Live Pack - 9 Times The SK

From the 80s
To The Now

Daevl.SK9: the SK1 never sounded like this before. Filled with ethereal pads, strange syncopations, buzzing leads and gargoyled textures, we've taken the lo-fi, digital aliasing soul of the SK1 and given it a new chassis, one in which its voice can finally reach full range. Built for The Now, it's the SK1 reimagined as a rough and ready, cyborganic space cruiser.

Big ugly basses, tentacled arpeggios, gritty rhythmic structures, chip dust faeries embedded in amber, howling slabs of atmosphere. Ambient to elektro, synthwave to sparklepop, industrial to disco, witch house to wubstep: if you like the strange and exploratory you'll love Daevl.SK9.

Designed In Live's Simpler/Sampler

Daevl.SK9 contains 99 new Instrument Racks built from high-quality, original multisamples of the SK1's preset sounds. All Instrument Racks are saved using Simpler in Multisample Mode, and are compatible with Ableton Live 8 Standard and Suite.

Each Daevl.SK9 Instrument Rack is drop-in ready to play and tweak, but if you have Suite or Live's Sampler instrument you can expose the deeper parameters of each voice for more complex customization. An extra set of basic, uneffected Racks containing the raw SK preset sounds are included for that classic, old-school vibe.

Tweak + Freak? Unique.

All Daevl.SK9 Instrument Racks are built with triple macro control panels: a voice module, an effects module and a channel strip. New variations are at your fingertips, from EQ adjustments to taste all the way to total transmogrification.

Like all Live Racks, Daevl.SK9 is fully editable. Open grouped Racks to go beyond the Macro controls: mix and match effects, swap chaining order, add new Live Devices to the Rack or use any of the modules in other Live Racks.

Made For Performance

All Macro dials are, of course, mappable to your controller of choice in Live. Macros are assigned to useful parameters for both studio and live performance situations. Examples: ADSR values; glide time; voice stacking; delay interval, dry/wet level and feedback; reverb size and level; frequency shift; grain pitch; 3-band EQ; compression amount; master output level. Each voice has 24 Macro controls - 8 for each module.

Velocity, pitch bend and mod wheel controls are ready for action. Velocity is scaled across the entire range for optimal sequencing dynamics. Mod wheel mappings provide individually defined modulations of parameters like pitch, volume and stereo spread for each voice.

Minimal File Size, Maximal Sound

Daevl.SK9 is created only from chains of Live Standard's built-in Audio and MIDI Effect Devices applied to Simpler/Sampler instruments of the original SK1's eight default voices: piano, trumpet, human voice, pipe organ, brass ensemble, flute, synth drums and jazz organ. Unlike most sampled sound sets, Daevl.SK9 is tiny. No massive download; no lost, stagnant space on your drive.

Total Daevl.SK9 library size = less than 100MB. Total Daevl.SK9 sound = significantly larger.

How Much? US$9

It's great to be back! To celebrate Daevlmakr's rebirth, Daevl.SK9 is available for a limited time at an introductory price of US$9.

Daevl.SK9 is a downloadable ZIP file containing an Ableton 8.3 Live Pack and installation instructions.

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Other than the minimal drum tracks, all Daevl.SK9 demo sounds above were created by single Instrument Racks, with no effects or processing except that built into the Rack itself.